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Mike Kalis, the founder of Demitec, is a professional engineer with years of prior experience. He worked as a maintenance engineer for St. Mary’s Cement and then became a Canadian representative for FLSmidth, a global giant in the production of systems for the industrial mineral and cement sectors. In 1987, Mike Kalis went on to establish his own niche leader, Demitec Limited. His son, Dennis Kalis, joined the team in 2002.


Today, this father-and-son business offers a wide range of quality services, including:  

  • Industrial rotary equipment installation and maintenance,
  • Material handling and processing equipment service and installation,
  • Gearing services (open-gear alignments, reversals, and installations).

Demitec Limited accumulated a successful track record by taking on complex projects and proving their workmanship and professionalism every step of the way. It has positioned itself as a provider of true quality and expertise. The company is continuously expanding, taking on projects from new industrial sectors and getting more involved in Greenfield ventures by introducing its services to new territories where its team of professionals performs complete installations.